Green Retail Alliance seeks to motivate retailers to make simple changes in their business to reduce waste without sacrificing profits.


My name is Ally Nash and I building the Green Retail Alliance to help retailers realize how they can reduce unnecessary retail waste. 

Retailers are not wasteful on purpose. It seems many are just too busy to stop and think about how their practices are impacting our world. Restaurants often reflexively provide condiments and utensils without asking if they are needed. Luxury retailers typically provide a large glossy bag that is impossible to recycle for the shopper to carry a small purchase to their car. Most retailers sell goods without thinking about how their suppliers could package those good more sustainably.

If retailers made a few small changes in their business, they could eliminate tons of waste from landfills and preserve precious resources for future generations. We need your help to make a difference. If you agree with our ideas for reducing waste, please share them with your friends and family, and most importantly with the retailers where you shop. A great place to start is with our blog.

For the first time, we have the power to decide the fate of our planet and ourselves.
— Carl Sagan