PaperKarma App Saves Trees (And Your Sanity) By Eliminating Junk Mail...

It used to be that a trip to the mailbox was exciting. You never knew when you might receive a postcard or letter from a friend. Unfortunately, with the invention of email, nearly all of the good things that used to arrive in the mailbox have moved online. As a result, all that one finds in the mailbox each afternoon are bills and junk mail...lots and lots of junk mail. 

Junk mail is depressing. Most of the junk mail people receive is for things they are not interested in, so it is immediately discarded. Hopefully, people are enlightened enough to recycle their junk mail, but we can be certain that main people are not. It goes straight in the trash and on to the landfill. 

Even if you do recycle your junk mail, it doesn't change the fact that trees, ink, and gas were all wasted to send you this message you are not interested in. To add insult to injury, you now need to collect, bundle and haul these misguided and discarded mailings to the end of your driveway so more gas can be expended to recycle them.

Thankfully, the folks at PaperKarma have an answer. They have created a nifty free app that makes it easy to scan and "opt out" of junk mail. I am not sure how or why they do it, but it works. You just have to enter your various names and addresses into their app, take a picture of the offending mail, and they handle the rest.

It may take a little while for some marketers to get the message, but eventually, you will reach the state of mailbox nirvana - little to no junk mail! I strongly recommend you check out PaperKarma's site, download the app, and put a stop to junk mail.