Your Fortune Cookie Says "You Can Help Save Earth..."

The other night I was cleaning up after a family meal and I noticed the restaurant had given us several packages of soy sauce, duck sauce, mustard, fried wontons or fortune cookies that I was now about to throw away. I asked my parents, and they said it was ok,  as we didn't need or want it. I started to wonder how many other people were doing the same thing every time they ordered Chinese take out.

Not surprisingly, most people I surveyed throw away almost all of the condiments that Chinese restaurants regularly put inside each takeout order?

Did you know that in this country there are approximately 41,000 orders of Chinese take out made daily? Did you know that you could fill Yankee Stadium with all of the condiments customers throw away in just 5 short years?

Most of the customers I surveyed were surprised by this revelation and said they would be happier if there wasn’t so much waste. In an ideal world it would be convenient if Chinese restaurants would ask their customers if they wanted anything extra like soy sauce, duck sauce, mustard, fried wontons or fortune cookies.  But that is not realistic. The Chinese restaurants are already very busy making our delicious dinner.

The best solution to all this waste is to tell your Chinese restaurant to only put in the condiments you will actually use. It will most likely be an adjustment for them and they may forget and put them in the bag, so open that bag and give them back. Tell them you are trying not to waste and that they should too. Tell your Chinese restaurant to ask all of their customers if they really need all of the extra stuff. It's really that simple.